Clarkdale Students elect Student Council Representatives

5th Grade Student Council:
Asher Boles, President
Madison Harbour, Vice-President
Anna Jane Gibson, Secretary
Representatives:  Katelyn Lundy, Gage Freeman, Maggie Lauderdale, Katelin Owen, Shelby Kate Clark, Jenna Poppy, Madelyn Easterling, Colby Friend, Japhia Cook, and Jaxson McRee
6th Grade Student Council:
Cade Culpepper, President
Landon Ivey, Vice-President
Kynlie Boles, Secretary
Representatives:  Ernesto Pech, Taylor Thomas, Georgia Clarke, Carter Phillips, Rilynn Fortner, Jayson Dale, Jaidyn Jones, Brett Keith, Anna Johnson, and Abby McCary
7th Grade Student Council:
Jodi Etheridge, President
Berta Soules, Vice-President
Aizlyn Pickard, Secretary
Representatives:  Cohen Suttles, Brianna Cottles, Autumn Hull, Holden Anderson, Malachi Foster, Alexis Fulcher, Aidyn Way, Ethan Webb, Ashlynn Apperson, and Bryce Tucker
8th Grade Student Council:
Gracie Jo Dearman, President
Adilyn Way, Vice-President
Kennedy Strickland, Secretary
Representatives:  LaDonya Adams, Shiloh Caughran, Isaiah Rios, Maddie Gibson, Austin Bucurel, Aislin Priester, Elisa Cook, Brandon Welch, and Rory Hyde